Friday, February 29, 2008


One fair twilight and that was an exciting day for each one since its friday the last working day for the week. But I had gone astray with my mood when I was returning back to my abode... It’s just a 7 minutes walk from my workplace to my domicile. Those 7 minutes I realized how the speed of our mind goes really faster than the air.
The temperature was below freezing but the thoughts of mine was really scorching.Yep I was recollecting quickly all my works which I did in the last year 2007. I had this thought since I was really in serious assessment of my performance. The root cause of this sudden thought is due to some discontent with the criticism.
Finally with loads of knock over I reached my residence. With much fidgety even without refreshing I switched on my laptop just to amend my mind towards something else but really I couldn’t do so. I was lost in my own world diving into some nostalgia to see my parents..Then I called up my pal tried to restrain not to divulge my annoyance but I couldn’t procure for a long time and without my knowledge was on track revealing my snag to him. Certainly felt to a level of comfortable zone but suddenly I do not want to impart anymore so I hanged up my call.
The next moment which originate in my mind is the following statement somewhere I read in the past " The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire;the size of your dream ; and how you handle disappointment along the way ".

A feeling of dissatisfaction results when your expectations are not realized; But I find it helpful to look at disappointment as something we do to ourselves. I say this because it seems to arise out of our own expectations or demands about how we think the world should be or how we think people should act. In other words, I look at "disappointment" as an inaccurate view of reality. Looking at it this way could help us accept that we didn't really understand things as well as we thought I did and that our expectations were unrealistic.
By looking at it this way it is easier for us to take responsibility for it and thus to reduce the negative feelings which usually accompany it. Instead of using the word "disappointed," I sometimes try to substitute the word "disillusioned." This helps remind me that I had created an illusion in my own mind about. Calling something an illusion suggests that my interpretation of reality was inaccurate. So when things don't go the way I expected or wanted them to go, it seems to help if I take the perspective that I created a false image of reality in my mind and I need to quickly adjust myself to actual reality. The sooner I do this the faster I get over the negative feeling of what I used to call disappointment. Yes I have made up my mind and I m out of my morose mood and geared up for my weekend :)
I suppose when you read my blog it will bring back some sort of disappointments that you faced in your life too.But face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you… Hope that you really acquired which is needed for you from my blog.. And that one fair day is not someother day…its only today then immediately started with my blogging :)!!!!


  1. Awesome Justi... Loved the way you had expressed your dilemma... Of all the posts/prose that you had written, i love this the most... Keep up the good work...

  2. I just have no words to leave a comment... feeling proud of u dear..
    I think ur blog is going to be one of my favourite links:)

  3. Hey Good one!! One suggestion: try to use simple words instead of using little complex ones...abode, domiclie just means will make the reader to continue with the flow easily instead of waiting for a moment to comprehend it..

  4. Justi, it was really nice the way u have expressed. But personally, I strongly object, the following terms:
    "disappointment" as an inaccurate view of reality.
    more critics may evoke in future..

  5. good one !!! impressed!!! keep up the good work....

    Dan Andrew