Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its about me!!!

Hey u have reached the alcove of Justina Jausline Stephen... There s nothing so special to pen down my thoughts about myself but still u wanna know me who I m so just a quick intro of mine…I was born and brought up at India and to be more specific I belong to southern part of India…ie Tamilnadu.. No wonder me too belong to the dire crowd..!!!!Software throng… Yes I am a Software Professional Currently staying in US for my deputation.

Hoping to stay here for a long time… I am a person ardent to Gospel music and an amateur singer and a wannable nomad… I am Person of shooting the breeze always wanna have fun... Easy to mingle but yet hard to understand… Most of my leisure time I would spend on internet and music.. US life treating me to be a fanatic consumer of these two..

I used to write prose regularly when I was at India now struggling real hard to find time for this but still trying to make it up… I have come to this echelon purely because of GOD s grace.. He has been so faithful and the lover of my soul… And I always cling on to A.P.J ‘s quote “Dreams is not what i see in my sleep but its the thing which doesn't let me to Sleep”. Yes I belong to this genus..Above all there is a Power that is my Jesus who guides me and fulfills all my aspires..


  1. I cant understand many words......Its like "Unna mariya puriyadha pudira...iruku....."

    But overall konjam unmaye sonnathuku...oru 60 mark tharene....


  2. Good to see you in blogs...Start writing more....

    one suggestion, make sure you background color matches with all the machines, because some machines will not have correct resolution...

    I didn;t have any blogs as such...but my wife had a passion to writing like can visit her blog ...

  3. Thanks Sundar..I was thinking a while which sundar it is ..then i could summon up that its u :)..Visited ur better half s profile too and its good to read her blogs!!

  4. Hey Jas...thats a gud start!!nice blog!keep it up.....want see more soon..keep updating new things!....happy blogging!

  5. eppadi nallava mathirya paysura...

  6. Arvind elam unga kita irundhu kathukitadhu dhan...:p

  7. i read ur articles in your blogger...there is no doubt that they'll inspire and bring changes in the lives of many.God bless.

    Joshua John