Monday, December 29, 2008

My Last few days in the year 2008!!!

Yes we have just got a couple of days to complete this Year.I really wanted to thank GOD for what are all HE hath done in my Life.As we do it as a year end appraisal,I started rating how GOD lead me through out this Year.It was so amazing when I look back my days in this Year.
I was counting my blessings on and on…it was many in number.And there are no words for me to Proclaim that HE is still an Amazing GOD.Yes ,I remember the Verse in the Bible “Does the Clay say to the potter,’What are you making?”(Isaiah 45: 9).Yes I was like a clay and HE made me into a good shape this year and I believe that HE will use me as per his will in the forthcoming year.I thank the Lord GOD almighty for the wonderful things that he has done in my life.
As his verse says “You Crown the Year with bounty” (Psalm 65: 11).Yes that’s absloutley true..
Another New Year has been given in my Life..
Another Year to live in this world..
Another set of Resolutions to work on..
To live each day with relish…
To daily grow and try to be the Best…
So Friends lets gear up to face the new challenges,new oppurtunities.Lets tune ourselves in these last days to face the New year..Have a Blessed Year ahead!!!!:)

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