Saturday, December 30, 2017

Adieu 2017 and Welcome SMART 2018!

Viola! It's that moment of the time to say adieu to 2017.Goals,Resolution,Improvement,
Excellence could be your terms of this season in your thoughts and plan.

Before I plunge to break your curiosity to read about this post, wanna putforth this question to you. Do you remember every details that happened to you both good and the bad from litttle to big in 2015 or the recent 2016.

Surely it's not so possible to remember all the details of 365 days in the past years unless its recorded. Though we might not be able to remember every details of this year,sendoff is a cultural inheritage. Let's have a heart of gratitude for all the experiences in 2017 by taking sometime to recollect and write down the significant memories of this year.

During our long travel towards the end of the year, husband and self used to discuss about the promises we were able to keep that year and our desires/goals for the new year. Fortunately, we have been doing this quite a few years. The guilt of not able to keep my promises for 2017 had taken me over and doubted my ability to set goals for 2018. However, my hubby reminded me to uncover my guilt to set SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) Goals which helped me to plan for 2018.

Yaa'y, the count down begins for 2018 in just few hours.It's the time at which New calendar begins with a fresh start. It's always a want to look for a new beginning to correct or discard of the things which we could have done much better.

Do not have too many goals and plans for 2018 which aren't possible to achieve.Let your Goals be SMART and list down your desires/goals to be achieved. From the lists, take only top 4 things which can be very specific and think if it can be Measurable, is it Achievable, is it realistic to achieve and is it time bound.

For example, you might want to reduce weight which is specific. How many kgs/pounds you would like to reduce and is it measurable. Is the no of kgs/pounds to reduce is achievable and if so, break it into smaller goals through the year as you won't be able to reduce 10kg in a month. Reducing 1kg a month can be realistic and it's time bound. Hence, let all your goals be SMART.

Who wouldn't wanna be SMART? Hope you're looking for paper/notes to make a list. Let's wish each other to be SMART in 2018.

Rejoice and get excited to welcome 2018 since HE crown the year with HIS bounty, And HIS paths overflow.(PSALM 65:11 ) and trust me it will be HIS size.

Have a blessed and a SMART New year 2018!..

In Christ alone
Justina Stephen

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