Sunday, October 12, 2008

Landed to the place where i wanted to:)

Its a funny thing that happened to me but the way it happened i just loved and admired it:).Last friday i was exhausted with my work and suddenly decided , why dont i go for shopping this evening?. I saw my friend online i just buzzed her about the plan but in my mind i was thinking of a particular place to go but didnt tell my friend about it.My friend immediately obliged for the plan but for different place and even i'm convinced since i haven't planned anything of what i should purchase..:)

I wanted to go out thats my intention and i had a shop in my mind that i wanted to go.As regular it wasn't in the planned time:) since we scuttle with our work.Finally we both boarded the bus and once we got into it, my friend had fallen asleep and i was reading Sydney Sheldons "IF tomorrow Comes" .I was deep into my reading since i love all Sydney Sheldons collections :) and i didnt even realised that i m in bus.

Suddenly something creeps in and i felt oh GOD i'm in bus and i was looking around outside to find the place where we were in but couldnt track it out.Then i realized that i missed the stop where self and my friend needed to get down.Immediatley i woke up my friend and smiled at her saying we missed the stop.My friend suddenly got up from sleep and we smiled each other and got down at the next stop.We really didnt know where we are.I was thinking and looking at the way where we should go.

But my friend saw the trees by the side of the road with all colors of leaves.Yes its a fall time so trees are turning into their own colors which was wonderful for sight seeing.She started that hey we will go and take some snaps.I was like , what?? now snaps!!!!!.And we were making fun of each other.My friend said if i happened to see you reading another Sydney Sheldon ..hmmm...and was smiling at me..we were like thrilled at that point.

I told her ,first let us find out the route and we were about to leave from the place and suddenly i turned up and looked a board where i find the shop name where i was thinking to go.With much excitement i said hey here is the shop that i was thinking to go.We laughed at each other and went into the shop and we shopped very happily. I was like happier to the core and told my friend see i landed to the place where i should go without my knowledge. That was a wonderful start for the weekend!!!!!!!! :)

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