Sunday, May 17, 2009

God Remembers You!!!

It's easy in life to feel forgotten, that our hopes and dreams don’t matter. But God said in Isaiah 49:15, "I will never forget you. I have carved you into the palm of My hand." People may leave you when you need them the most, but God is the friend that sticks closer than a brother,a friend and a Father. God knows every lonely night, and He sees every tear you've ever shed. When life deals you a tough blow, when you pray but the heavens are silent, you need to remind yourself of this promise, "God has not forgotten about me, my hopes or my dreams. He's not forgotten about the unfair things I've been through or the years of sacrificing,the tearful prayers for souls and giving. He's promised He'll pay me back double." All those seeds that you've sown, it's just a matter of time before you reap your harvest. We serve a God that is not limited to the natural. You have an assignment and destiny to fulfill. No matter how bad it looks or how many obstacles are in your path, God has not forgotten about you. He is not going to take away His calling on your life. You may be far away from where you know in your heart God wants you, but you might as well get ready because the Most High God is not going to write you off. And when God remembers you, all the forces of darkness cannot keep you from fulfilling your purpose. A disappointment, a rejection or hurtfulness or a person can't stop it; there is nothing that can keep you from your destiny.
GOD is in complete control of our Life..!!

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